After a long period of confinement where teachers and their children were able to give more time to their hairy companion, it is now time to prepare for the new school year.

You'll probably be ready to get back into the routine, but will your dog be?

It's important to note that one of the things dogs can put up with the least is loneliness. In fact, they tend to behave inappropriately when they're home alone. Loneliness can create moments of anxiety, boredom, or boredom. These different emotions are reflected in a variety of behaviours: excessive barking, breaking objects, urine or feces in the house, crying, gnawed rugs, etc.

So how can you avoid these behaviours?

By incorporating a series of habits into your routines. This will greatly help your companion have a better time alone at home and you will be happy to return home and find no damage.

Tip 1

The first and most important rule is to be aware of your dog's energy. You must take the time to keep him occupied so that he can exercise himself. There are a few easy things you can do.

If you want your dog to be more relaxed when you leave for work, you'll need to set the alarm clock early and do some physical activity that you'll enjoy with him. You can start with an early morning walk, depending on your dog's breed and his ability to keep up with you. A 15-minute walk may be enough, depending on your schedule. You can use the jogging leash to keep your hands free for your coffee!

Tip 2

Many dogs left alone hear noises that can make them feel unsafe. They use barking to "scare" this fear. It is therefore advisable to put on relaxing dog music. How about some classical music for dogs that like Beethoven or Mozart? You can find dog-friendly listings on YouTube or put on the TV in the background.

Tip 3

To avoid your dog getting bored while you're away, leave at least 3 toys for him to play with.

Always keep toys that he can play with exclusively when he is alone. The novelty of the toy will attract his attention and he will stay busy for more hours.

Favour interactive toys, or a toy with treats, such as a kong or strawberry. These wonderful toys can keep your dog entertained for hours.

Tip 4

It is preferable to reduce the space available in the house to limit your pet's movements and avoid any accidents or breakages. Leave your pet in a cage or small room and check that there are no hazards such as cables, plants, chemicals, etc.

Tip 6

To reduce separation anxiety, there is also a natural product from Quebec that helps reduce stress and inappropriate behaviour when your dog is alone. The essence of Bach Liberté is ideal for dogs that are addicted and fearful of loneliness.

You can also consult a canine behaviour specialist if you want to receive specific advice about your situation and thus ease the transition from vacation to return to work and school.

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