Congratulations! A new 4-legged member will be added to your family shortly. It will be a lot of adaptation and time, but a dose of unconditional love in your daily life.

Adopting a new companion during social distancing

We want you to be fully aware of what it means to adopt a new puppy during the social distancing period requested by our government.

First, it will be more difficult to socialize your puppy. The socialization period is very important. It influences your dog's future behavior towards his dog friends. On the other hand, nothing will stop you from training your dog. Education is just as important as socialization. You can go outside with your dog to get him used to different distractions. To create good associations, reward him when he watches dogs or people walk by, when he hears new sounds or when he is simply calm in this new environment.

Second, it will be best to establish a routine that your dog can follow when you return to work. Your dog must learn to be alone and make it pleasant for him. Give him something to entertain himself to prevent him from getting bored. Pretend to leave the house and come back after just a few minutes. Increase your departure time gradually to get him used to your absence. You will be able to return to work without too many problems.

Finally, be aware that veterinarians are only open for emergencies. Routine exams and elective surgeries are postponed to later dates. Contact your future veterinarian to find out their operating procedures during the period of social distancing in order to plan your puppy's first vaccinations and examinations.

You want to be more than ready for your dog's arrival, but don't know what to prioritize among everything on the market. The social team has prepared a short list of essential items to have on hand for this big moment.

Food and treats

Ask your breeder about the food to use in the first weeks following the arrival of your puppy. Adaptation to home will go better and you will avoid many digestive problems by keeping the same food for the first time. You also need to know if your puppy has any food intolerances or if their breed has known digestive sensitivities. Once you have chosen the food you want to give your puppy, you will inevitably have to go through a transition period to avoid any digestive problems.

At a young age, it is recommended to choose kibble designed specifically for puppies . They immediately contain more protein. Then, when he has reached his adult size, recommend kibble recipes which contain mainly animal proteins with little or no cereals. At Chien Mondain, we recommend Acana Canadian dry food which is made from fresh, high-quality food to meet your puppy's biological needs. You will be able to observe if the food you give to your puppy suits him by his coat, his behavior, his appetite and his energy.

Obviously, you will need a bowl for his water and for his food. When it comes to choosing the material of the latter (ceramic, stainless steel or plastic), each has its advantages and disadvantages. However, ceramic and stainless steel are more durable and easier to maintain.

The treats will help you with your dog's education, particularly for toilet training and discovery of his environment. Take care to choose quality and nutritious treats. Gabrielle and her animals, the official trainer of Chien Mondain, also recommends not reinforcing behaviors that we do not want our puppy to reproduce when he grows up. Only reward your dog's good behavior with treats and your attention. Is your puppy sleeping in his bed? Reward him with treats and petting. You will thus reinforce calm and relaxation.

The collar and leash

It is important not to choose a collar just for its aesthetic side, but firstly because it suits your dog according to its breed, its size, its morphology and even its skin and coat type. You may have to try several before you find one he really likes.

Several materials and models exist. The leather collar is popular for its strength, the nylon one for its lightness and the fabric one for its easy maintenance. Get him used to wearing a collar from his first days with you. Adaptation will be easier at this stage than later in life.

Since your dog will have to be on a leash in several places, get a sturdy model right away that will last you several years and will be comfortable for you and your puppy.

Several cities, including Quebec and Montreal, require all owners to register their dog and have them wear their tag at all times. Avoid fines, keep your dog safe, and put this task on your priority list as soon as it arrives.

Also read the new Regulations implementing the Provincial Dog Control Act. All dogs over 20 kg must wear a harness or halter when going out. If you have any questions, we wrote a blog post about it. Good reading!

The bed and the toys

Your puppy will need a comfortable corner just for him. Take the time to choose a cushion or a soft bed , durable and easy to maintain. It is preferable to opt for a bed with a cover, which is easily put in the washer so that it remains clean and odor-free. Small accidents happen more often than you would like and it is therefore practical to be able to wash it so that it comes back like new!

A few toys will also be necessary to help him teethe, stimulate him and concentrate his energy elsewhere than on objects in the house to entertain himself. Have several, but don't take them all out at once. Alternate the toys available to him, offering him only two or three at a time. Choose varied and sturdy toys that do not fall apart to avoid the risk of suffocation. Obviously, occasionally supervise your puppy when he attacks a toy.

Hygiene products

As mentioned in our blog article on spring shedding, regular brushing is important for your dog's well-being. In fact, brushing is beneficial for your health. Choose the right tool and get your young puppy used to this brushing routine. The younger you handle him, the more he will enjoy being groomed later.

Finally, nail clippers, coagulating powder, collection bags and shampoo for bath time are a few essentials to have on hand when your puppy arrives.

When the cold returns, consider getting boots to protect his paw pads and a coat to keep him clean and warm.

In any case, keep in mind that every dog ​​is different and so are their needs. Trust your instincts and allow yourself room for error.

The perfect set for the arrival of a puppy

To make it easier for you, we have grouped several items for your puppy's arrival in a single set . Everything you need to get your education and maintenance off to a good start is there.

We wish you lots of happiness in this new relationship and don't hesitate to share your best moments with us on our social networks. At the end of this period of social distancing, come and introduce us to your new love. We love to advise you and meet your furry friends.

In the meantime, the Chien Mondain boutique on Place de la Cité is open every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is therefore possible to come and buy food, treats, toys and clothes in addition to obtaining valuable advice from Marilou. We are working hard to make the majority of our products available on our online store to facilitate your purchases during this period of isolation.

We look forward to seeing you again. Take care of yourself and we hope that your new canine companion will fill you with happiness during these times of confinement.

The social team 🐩 🐾