Spring! This magnificent season with which some canine owners have a love/hate relationship. The days are getting warmer, the buds are appearing and a wind of renewal is felt. However, the changing and unpredictable temperature sometimes causes you some headaches. Melting snow means a little more logistics when it comes time to go outside with your dog.

Daily outings are important for your companion's mental health and it would be a shame to neglect them because of the temperature. There are several little tips to ensure that your dog is not completely dirty when he returns from a walk, as much for his personal well-being as for yours. This article brings together our favorite tips from Chien Mondain to make your outings with your dog easier while keeping your house and your dog clean this spring.

Wear a raincoat

Our domestic dogs spend the vast majority of their time indoors and are not used to facing drier temperatures. Several short- or short-haired breeds are sensitive to drafts, cold and humidity, all three of which are still very present in spring. Having a raincoat for dogs can be your best ally this season. And as the saying goes: in April, don't uncover yourself by a thread (this is also true for our canine companions).

Our big favorite ❤️

Waterproof pants !

In addition to ensuring the comfort of your companion during your walk with him, the raincoat covers the vast majority of his belly and prevents his coat from getting dirty. This will avoid having to give your dog a bath after each walk and will only have to clean your dog's paws with a damp cloth when you return. It is important to clean our dog's paw pads thoroughly when returning from a walk, especially when the streets have not been cleaned in the spring. 

The classic raincoat :

Choose a raincoat that covers your dog's back and the vast majority of his stomach to ensure its effectiveness. The raincoat should be light, easy to wash and allow your dog full freedom of movement. Your dog will therefore be able to continue his favorite outdoor activities without problem.

You can also get the four-legged set and protect your dog from “paws” to head!

Teaching your dog the command “Stay”

If you are going for a walk, it may be a good idea to prepare a cloth near the front door, which will be useful for wiping when you return. However, if you have forgotten, it is advisable that your dog has learned the “Stay” command while you can go get something to clean him before he ventures into the house. Use treats to motivate him to sit on the entrance mat and stay there while you are gone.

Give a monthly bath

Although pitou wears his raincoat during each of your outdoor outings, it is recommended to give your dog a bath once a month at most. You should have so far managed to avoid the wet dog smell by wearing a raincoat. However, washing with suitable shampoos and regular brushing will help reduce your dog's loss of dead hair throughout your home. You will also eliminate several dirt caught in your dog's coat, including a significant amount of sand left on our roads in winter.

Spring is a good time to give your dog a monthly bath. The change of season leads to coat renewal and greater hair loss than usual. Washing your dog therefore helps to remove dead hair in the bath rather than dissipating it inside your home. Between baths, you can also scent your dog's coat with scents suitable for them. 

Cut your claws regularly

Trimming your dog's nails regularly is essential for his health and well-being as well as that of your wooden floors. Nail trimming should be done on average once a month. However, in spring and summer, you must consider that your dog's claws will naturally wear down on hard surfaces during your walks. 

Get a quality nail clipper that fits your dog's size and make sure his nails never touch the ground. Trim each claw gradually to avoid cutting too much and causing the claw in question to start bleeding. Make nail trimming a positive experience by rewarding your dog with treats after each nail clipping if it is a strenuous task to do at home. Obviously, do not restrain your dog if he shows signs of discomfort. Note that the nail file can also be useful for maintaining your dog's nails.

Finally, if this task is too stressful for both you and your dog, our canine stylists will be happy to do it for you. At Chien Mondain, we offer a nail trimming service for $12 (plus taxes) upon call.

Have a machine-washable bed and blankets

Choose a bed with removable covers that you can machine wash at least once a week. You will prevent bad odors inherent to the loss of dead hair and the accumulation of dirt in the bed. 

Also teach your dog to lie down in his bed when you return from a walk rather than all over your house. Your dog's coat will dry in its bed which you wash regularly and will prevent bad odors from forming in the house.

We hope that these few tips will make you want to go outside and enjoy the return of good weather with your dog. Feel free to share your respective tips in the comments. Good walk!

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