Autumn is fast approaching and with it, the most beautiful trends that will make your pitou the center of attention.

The rain coat with hood will be back this fall with trendy yellow style colors. amberturquoise blue and magenta pink. A perfect style for do of your companion, a fashionable dog.

The raincoat is definitely a "must have" in your dog's wardrobe. Autumn is the perfect time to walk around and enjoy the beauty of its colored leaves. However, rain can cause your dog to retain excessive moisture, causing irritation and itching. Waterproof dog coats help keep the coat in place. sec and clean. In addition, this coat will protect your companion from the cold fall winds during your walks.

For those with the cold, small wool brightly coloured or cotton wool are a must during the fall to keep your companion comfortable. The pale colors will allow you to play easily with the different tones in order to obtain a wide variety of layouts ranging from look soft comfortable to a more chic style. The mustard-yellow denim jacket is one of our most popular looks most connected this fall. Match it with a cotton pad of your choice for extra warmth.

If you're looking for a coat with timeless designs on colder days, look out for the plaid coat with tones beiges ou grisor a set four-legs for greater protection.

For those who want a garment for all occasions, the warm sweaters shave a tout to be accessible to all!

All of this can be combined with dog accessories. Mondain timeless by dint of their neutral colour which can give an elegant as well as a casual style.

Welcome the fall with open arms and take advantage of this beautiful season to create looks trend !

The socialite team 🐩 🐾