Our first event of 2023! After 3 years without outside activities, we are happy to invite you to our very first event this year: “Going out with your dog is TIGIDOU! ".

Founded on the passion for animals and the benefit they have on humans, Chien Mondain is keen to bring together dog owners in events that are each more fun than the next, accompanied by Pitou. We want to immerse animal lovers in a world of refinement, originality and exclusivity in a trendy and friendly atmosphere. We want to create exceptional meeting places by inviting dog lovers and their pets.

What could be better than heading off in summer 2023 with a delicious and fun outdoor outing? It's on June 17 that Vincent Paris, the wizard from Île d'Orléans who became a master jam maker, welcomes us to Tigidouland, the wizard garden in St-Jean de l'Île d'Orléans. Tigidouland is a gourmet stop to visit on the Île d'Orléans. This small fruit micro farm is the first place where the Tiguidou jam factory was created.

On site, you will be welcomed with a sublime cocktail and will be able to treat yourself to a most memorable Quebec snack! Expect to enjoy some dishes using Tiguidou strawberries! Your pets won't be left out, with treats specially designed for them. Plus, enjoy claw trimming, animation and photos for free! The event takes place on a large field, which allows the pups to let off steam as they wish. And leave with a wonderful Chien Mondain gift for you and your dog!

Note the address carefully so as not to confuse the place with the Tigiou jam factory when entering the island. The event is at their other location in Tigidouland in order to welcome you in larger numbers! Address: 5508, chemin Royal, St-Jean Îles d’Orléans

The number of places is limited to 80 people. Book now to have space!
$34.99 per person
$29.99 per child aged 2 to 12

Come celebrate the arrival of summer in an enchanting area!
Hope to see you soon!
The social team