The Mondaine team has many years of experience and knowledge in the canine industry. Always on the lookout for new products, we test products intended for dogs to find the essentials. Some have proven to be essential to the daily life and well-being of our dogs. We have therefore grouped the best products according to Chien Mondain employees. Here are our shots ❤️

  • Marilou - Co-Owner
  • A recent discovery, the Canadian company Hemp 4 Paws is now essential for Marilou. Offering a wide range of products, these supplements significantly improve the health of dogs. These are available in various formats, including treats and oils . Gladys, Marilou's dog, suffers from epileptic seizures. Daily ingestion of hemp oil greatly reduces the frequency of convulsions. Indeed, Gladys' seizures have stabilized since taking CBD oil. By the same token, the product contributes to maintaining the dog's quality of life and delays the unavoidable taking of medication. Particularly innovative, the Hemp 4 Paws range is also effective in relieving anxiety, cancer symptoms, chronic inflammation, intestinal diseases, nausea, cardiovascular system and arthritis. A natural solution that works!

  • Frédérique - Manager and administrative assistant
  • For her part, Frédérique is passionate about dog fashion. She loves dressing her dog in new trends. Léa, her four-legged friend, has an impressive wardrobe! Among her clothing collection, two pieces stand out as favorites. Both pretty and practical, the Chien Mondain blue hoodie is suitable for any occasion. It also keeps Léa the chilly warm. Frédérique also appreciates the versatility of denim overalls . In fact, this timeless piece goes with any sweater and hoodie. You will find plenty of choice at Chien Mondain so that your dog is warm and on the cutting edge of fashion.

  • Sabrina - Head Groomer
  • An experienced groomer, Sabrina has the best suggestions to ensure the good care of your four-legged companions. In this sense, Dogma products are ideal for cleaning. Hypoallergenic and without chemical agents, they are gentle and caring. Shampoo , conditioner , insect repellent , eye and ear cleaning lotions, Dogma supports your dog's hygiene from A to Z. These are also the products used by Sabrina for the grooming service. To complete your dog's care, she also recommends Sabine and Gaspard eau de toilette . Intended for dogs with skin problems, the delicate aromas of these perfumes ward off bad odors. A complete and accessible care routine.

  • Ariane - Worldly Advisor
  • For her part, Ariane supports the importance of having accessories of impeccable quality. Basic products, leash, collar and harness are everyday essentials. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure their quality and durability. Maya, Ariane's companion, is a service dog. She must accompany him everywhere every day. So, the reliability of its accessories is extremely necessary. The Urra product range offers collars and leashes handmade in Quebec. Made of biothane, the items are completely washable and ultra-resistant. Ideal for both urban walks and forest hikes. Ariane suggests the worldly dog ​​harness as an alternative to the collar. Light and comfortable for your dog, it is a basic accessory. You will be well equipped for walks with your four-legged companion!

  • Maude - Intern
  • Maude's dog, Aby, is the oldest of the store. Unfortunately, with age also comes certain health problems. In his case, osteoarthritis developed recently. To soothe his paws and joints, Green Paws treats rich in Omega-3 allow him to move easily and without pain. In order to delay the increase in osteoarthritis, it is also important that the dog remains active. Aby isn't very interested in her toys, but she loves food. Consequently, she is challenged by smells and various aromas. The strawberry toy helps stimulate and amuse her. Just insert her favorite snack, peanut butter for little Aby, inside for guaranteed fun. Favorites that improve your dog’s health!

    All of the products presented come from the personal experience of Chien Mondain employees as well as the individual needs of their dogs. The social team wishes to be able to guide puppy owners experiencing a similar reality. She is, in advance, always available to advise you and find what suits your furry companion. Come visit us at the Place de la Cité boutique!