Fall novelties

It's already the return of gray weather and colorful trees. With the arrival of fall, we take out our warm clothes to face the cold air. Our four-legged friends are also vulnerable to cold temperatures. You must make sure to choose accessories that meet your dog's needs.

Beforehand, it is particularly useful to obtain versatile clothing, thinking about the principle of multi-layering, which can also be suitable in winter. Chien Mondain ensures that it offers a wide range that can suit all sizes and breeds of dogs. The company's new website specifically highlights the range of new fall products. We present to you some of these ingenious products.

The coat

Just like humans, some dogs are very sensitive to cold. More precisely, dogs with short or short hair. Thermal shock between a heated indoor environment can be harmful to our canine friends. It is therefore important to adequately identify your dog's needs. A basic piece, the coat is the essential garment for cold weather. It helps maintain the dog's body heat and protects it from bad weather. The Chien Mondain zip coat is specially designed for the Quebec climate. This is made of a waterproof textile and a warm lining. This is an ultra-resistant all-purpose garment. Very practical, the harness coat is a 2 in 1. It makes winter walks easier and simpler. In fact, you no longer need to put your dog's harness or collar under the coat. This model is, therefore, much more comfortable for your dog.


The dog's endurance is considerably reduced by the temperature. Therefore, accessories are essential during long outdoor activities such as walking. The dog's pads are even more a sensitive and fragile region of its anatomy. To prevent frostbite, boots are a must. Newly improved, the Chien Mondain boots are made from a flexible, durable and waterproof fabric. The model is embellished with a sturdy rubber sole. In addition, a thick sheepskin lining makes up the inside of the boots to keep your puppy's paws warm. Finally, elastics allow for ideal adjustment and wearing.

The pyjama

A little luxury comfort, pajamas are perfect for the most chilly pets. It adds a little dose of sweetness to cold fall and winter evenings. Playful and colorful, these clothes cover a multitude of different patterns. Among other things, the teddy bear pajamas are made of super soft fluffy plush fabric. It is designed for indoors rather than outdoors. The garment is therefore lighter and more breathable. In addition, it covers all four legs to provide the right level of warmth.

Discover the many benefits of our clothing and accessories so that your dog is ready to brave the cold!