Do you want to travel with your pet this summer? What could be better than discovering local riches and little wonders well hidden in the heart of the Quebec province. A multitude of places and destinations welcome dogs into their facilities with open arms. Thus, you will be able to discover and explore the most beautiful corners of Quebec. Among other things, SÉPAQ parks are all open to canine companions. You just have to follow the pre-established rules. Here are our suggestions for itineraries and activities that will help you plan your vacation this summer season.

Quebec city

A colorful immersion, the Roger Van Den Hende Garden promises you a magical activity with a delicate flower scent. You can visit their impressive facilities with your dog. Make sure, however, to follow hygiene instructions. A collection bag could save the day in the event of an unexpected event. Continue your getaway to the heart of Canyon Ste-Anne . The impressive suspension bridges as well as the Aircanyon will give you a splendid view of the region.

Would you like to conclude your getaway in the National Capital with a colorful visit? A fun novelty in Quebec, Le 737 is a completely unique restaurant. Several banners such as Chocolats Favorites, La Cage and the Chez Mag snack bar will open their doors in this airplane restaurant near the airport. An experience not to be missed this summer!

Portneuf region

The Vallée du-bras-du-Nord is the ideal place to go hiking with your dog. Canoeing, mountain biking, canyoning, via ferrata, accommodation and breathtaking landscapes are all available in this nature reserve. For small, more fragile dogs, the backpack is an essential tool allowing them to enjoy the excursion without getting injured or tired. Then, end your getaway to Saint-Raymond with a delicious poutine and soft cream from Ti-Oui Snack Bar . Even your dog will be treated to poutine and a frozen desert thanks to products from Northern and Go-Igloo .


Slightly further southwest, Mauricie is an essential stop. For a memorable weekend, gather around a campfire at the Larochelle campsite . Featuring a swimming pool, water features and... Hot summer days mean swimming. Promenade des Estacades beach, located in Trois-Rivières, is the destination of choice for having fun in the water with your four-legged companion. He is allowed to swim as long as he is on a leash. It is recommended to put a life jacket on your dog to ensure his safety. Especially if he is fearful or unaccustomed to wading in water.


A must stop, the Doggy Café has an atmosphere all its own. The restaurant offers a vegetarian menu suitable for everyone. Pitou can also enjoy a veggie snack with Quebec treats Todd and Paul . Every month, the establishment organizes different types of “Meet-up” and “photo casting” evenings allowing dog lovers to meet. For a busy day, Récré-O-Parc offers a variety of activities. From urban camping to the nautical zone, this is the destination for outdoor fun with your dog!


If you would rather discover the northern regions of Quebec, the Summum estate , established in Mont-Tremblant, is an all-in-one stop. This is a charming little hotel designed as much for humans as for furry companions. It provides its customers with 6 suites and a chalet that can be rented. A multitude of recreational activities are set up on the estate site. In fact, you can enjoy the beach and the 200-acre land with your dog. Consider bringing him a fun toy , for guaranteed fun!

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