Winter is in full swing! All owners inevitably want their dog to be comfortable and safe during their winter outings. You have a collar or harness, a leash, a coat if needed, but do you have winter boots ?

Let's dive into more detail about why we recommend getting boots for your dog.

First, the cold . The boots help protect the pads during very cold periods and thus prevent frostbite. You can even add dog-friendly socks for added insulation. The stockings provide a better hold of the boot on your dog's paw.

Then, the snow . At any time, but especially when the snow is sticky, accumulations (and even balls of ice) can form between your dog's toes and cause injuries and microcuts.

Finally, sand and salt . Very practical for humans when it is icy outside, these abrasive materials can injure your companion by causing lacerations and cracks on the pads.

Here are 2 models of boots that our customers were able to test and approve.

Soft winter boots are: affordable, easy to adjust and put on, with reflective stripes.

Rubber winter boots are: high quality, ergonomic, waterproof and guaranteed for life.

Still, always get into the habit of checking your dog's pads and paws every time he returns from outside, particularly in winter. It is also recommended to clean these areas to remove snow, salt, sand or other dirt. When it comes to health, prevention is always better than cure.

Obviously, not all dog breeds have the same resistance to cold. Dog boots will be particularly relevant for small breeds who stay indoors more often and whose pads are thinner and more fragile, but also for older dogs. Also, if you do sports with your dog, such as hiking in the forest or running, it is recommended to protect your dog's pads. Only Nordic dogs have endings allowing them to go on long winter outings without injury.

If you have questions about the health of your companion or the best practices to adopt depending on their breed, age or situation, your veterinarian remains your resource person.

Just like the coat, you will need to give your dog some time to get used to his new boots. Let him smell them and reward him when he approaches them and starts wearing them. Please note that the boots are designed to interfere as little as possible with your dog's mobility. However, he may have a strange approach the first time, but will quickly get used to it, especially when he begins to understand their benefits! 

Bring your dear companion with you and come see us in one of our two stores: Place de la Cité in Quebec or Center Rockland in Montreal. We will be happy to help you choose winter boots and adapt them to your dog, in addition to doing the necessary fittings in our safe spaces.

This winter, offer well-being, comfort and safety to your dog. He will enjoy his winter walks and outings even more!

The social team 🐶

Cover photo: © Jessica Giguère – Wildlife photographer