Every year, everyone looks forward to spring! When the sunny days arrive, what could be more joyful and invigorating than going outside and, above all, starting to run again with your dog.

Jogging is probably the most accessible physical activity to do with your canine friend. Whether in your neighborhood or in the forest, you and your companion will burn off your energy while sharing a moment of pleasure and complicity.

Obviously, everything depends on the state of health and even the breed of your dog. For some, running is not recommended and could cause injury. Always ask your veterinarian before undertaking any physical activity with your pet.

For jogging, a simple leash can obviously do the trick, but why not make the activity even more pleasant and safe, both for you and for your dog?

​With the runner's leash , you will see your running session greatly improved! Your hands will be freed, so you can hydrate or change songs on your phone whenever you want. In addition, even if your dog decides to leave suddenly or is distracted by something and changes direction quickly, you will not feel any shock thanks to the elastic which has a length of 36'' (90 cm) at its full extension. And that also goes for pitou: no unpleasant shocks for him either!

Your new accessory will make you see your jogging session in a different light and will become essential. It will make the experience even easier and more fun. We bet that your faithful companion will ask for more? This bungee leash is also perfect for walking or brisk walking!

Finally, it is very important to get into the habit of observing your dog during the race. Take frequent breaks and avoid taking him running with you during hot weather. Also make sure he stays hydrated throughout the ride. A retractable water bowl is the perfect accessory to take care of this since it is light, durable and practical. You can hang it on your bag or belt using a carabiner. Don't forget to take care of your puppy during your sporting activities, he will be more than grateful to you!

So, ready for the racing season with pitou?