Many of us start the year with every intention of spending more time outside and getting fit. Although January is known as the month of resolutions, it is also often the least kind of winter...

Our faithful companion can be a great source of motivation to get outside and get active during the cold season. He of course also needs to move and like many dogs, loves playing in the snow!

By going outside with your dog, he will burn off excess energy. Exercise will help reduce anxiety and prevent certain health problems. In addition, you will prevent him from developing bad behaviors due to boredom. A sedentary lifestyle can be harmful, both for humans and their best friends!

The classic dog walk is of course the activity par excellence because it is accessible. It is as beneficial and pleasant for him as it is for you!

Along the way, why not stop at the dog park ? It's the perfect place to let your dog run freely in safety and let him socialize with his friends. You too can move with him!

If you want to shorten your outing, transform your traditional walk into a brisk walk . Less time outside, but more intensity! Do you know the elastic leash for runners ? It is also useful for walking and fast walking since it frees your hands and prevents shock to you and your companion.

Take your dog to your favorite snowshoe trails, first checking that they are accepted there. The landscapes are magnificent in winter and the trees cut the wind!

There is also a sport that is becoming more and more popular: harnessed cross-country skiing or skijoring . Many Quebecers love cross-country skiing in winter, but with your dog actively participating, it's even better! Find out about the appropriate equipment to adopt. Although the majority of dogs can do this sport, make sure yours is physically fit. It can be hard on the joints! Finally, take care to find a place where harnessed cross-country skiing is allowed, such as the Plein-Air Canin area in Saint-Nicolas on the South Shore of Quebec .

This short video can teach you a little more about this winter sport.

We remind you to always consult your veterinarian if you have questions about the health of your companion or the best practices to adopt depending on their breed, age or situation. He's here for you!

To make your outings outside more pleasant in winter, we advise you to dress your dog appropriately. With a coat that will keep him warm and boots that will protect him from the cold, salt and snow that can accumulate between his toes.

Your social team has also written you a detailed article on coats and one on boots .

Another little tip: offer your dog a cushion or a comfortable bed when he returns from outside. He will be more than delighted to find his warm little cocoon! At Chien Mondain, we have several models of beds and cushions, you will definitely find one that will make your dog happy!

Obviously, sometimes the cold is just extreme and it's better to stay indoors. But this kind of temperature can sometimes last several days... In our next article, we will suggest indoor activities to do with your dog to keep him active during these periods of intense cold!