Our ambassadors ❤️

February 14, Valentine's Day, Lovers' Day, Love Day...

No matter what you choose to call this famous day, this year, we have chosen to celebrate its arrival by telling you about the program that is most important to us: The Chien Mondain Ambassadors.

One of our greatest pleasures at Chien Mondain is seeing your dogs having fun, no matter the temperature, no matter the location. This is why this program is so important to us: it allows us to see photos and videos of them, daily!

Our ambassadors therefore play a big role in the existence of our beautiful community and we would like to thank all those who have accompanied us in our daily lives for so many years. You make our work so much more rewarding and enjoyable.

If you're not yet in the program, it's never too late!

Do you have one or more dogs?

Do you like taking beautiful photos and posting them on Instagram?

Do you have a good subscriber base?

Do you like Chien Mondain products, do you own some or want to get some?

This program is for you!

By choosing to embark on the Chien Mondain adventure as an ambassador, here are the advantages that await you:

  • A discount code allowing you to save 20% in store and online;
  • A discount code allowing your loved ones and subscribers to save 15% in store and online
  • When the subscriber code is used 5 times, we offer you a surprise social gift
  • Surprise discounts throughout the year
  • Great visibility on our Instagram page since we share the most beautiful photos of our ambassadors with Chien Mondain products

Everything we ask you:

  • Add the promo code that we provide to you in the biography of your Instagram page or that of your dog;
  • Identify us in the publications you make with Chien Mondain products;
  • Use #ChienMondain when you publish content with Chien Mondain products;
  • Post responsible, non-controversial content when you tag us in a post.

Looking forward to seeing your applications! 🐶