Is torrential rain preventing you from going outside with your dog? Are you teleworking from home and your dog is constantly seeking your attention? After a good walk (or two), do you feel that your dog is still full of energy? Maybe it's time for you to try mental stimulation.

What does that mean for mental stimulation in winter?

Dogs generally have very high energy levels. We often meet this need by having them do physical activity, such as walking for example. We often think that after a 45 minute walk, our dog will have used up all his energy and will be ready to lie down like a hibernating bear for the rest of the day. The problem is that, even after a good, long walk, your dog will most likely still be full of energy. You hope to be able to lie down on your couch with your favorite blanket to watch your current series on Netflix, but your dog is determined to make you understand that he wants to move again and again. You've just thrown the ball at him for the entire lunch hour outside and you don't understand why he's not lying with all four paws in the air snoring in your ears.

Did you know that it is much more exhausting for a dog to work mentally than to do physical activity?

In fact, 15 minutes of mental training can be compared to around 1 hour of walking! Mental stimulation is essential to your dog's psychological balance, as it is for us. It is, moreover, absolutely beneficial for avoiding all unpleasant behaviors. And yes, mentally stimulating your dog for as little as 15 minutes a day can save you from having to buy a new pair of shoes because your favorite ones were chewed up by the beast!

7 Mental Stimulation Toys for Your Puppy

Here are some of our toys that will satisfy the beast:

The Tornado puzzle

This interactive dog puzzle provides a fun physical and mental challenge. With its 12 hidden compartments and 3 bone covers, this interactive toy will exercise your dog's mind. Your dog will have to learn to combine several steps to retrieve the treats hidden there. Guaranteed pleasure for your pet and a return to your Netflix series for you.

The “Dog Twister” toy

Level of pleasure: very high! This dog puzzle is designed for advanced levels of problem-solving play that challenges your dog with sequential learning steps. Simply place treats under the triangular compartments and push the white plastic tabs to lock the blocks in place. Your beast will have to lift the tabs sequentially to unlock the blocks and move them to reveal the treat. Avoid getting your table legs or favorite summer sandals chewed off with this puzzle that helps train your dog's brain while redirecting destructive or negative behaviors. A table and a pair of sandals saved, a wallet saved!

The “Smartypaws puzzle”

Do you think it's time for your dog to learn to use his paws for something other than dirtying your floor and hitting your arm for more petting? This interactive toy has 3 levels that allow the dog to slide, turn and flip with its paws to discover treats. A good way to entertain the beast! The “Smartypaws puzzle” is designed with six pockets to hold kibble or treats. We entertain and reduce boredom. Plus, this puzzle allows your dog to learn problem-solving skills as they work through each level of play. Your dog definitely won't learn how to fill out your tax papers at the end of winter, but he will definitely know how to use his paws to solve other problems such as turning an object or opening a small door to reveal his favorite treats.

The Mandala enrichment tray

This Mandala tray has, as its primary function, to promote slower eating and improve digestion. In fact, you can serve wet and dry foods for snacks or meals. We add a little digression here regarding the benefits of slower feeding: it prevents bloating, improves digestion, improves intestinal health and it is calming and soothing for the dog. That said, let's return to our sheep. This Mandala tray is not only the best plate for your glutton, but also serves as entertainment for your doggie. And yes, this famous “anti-greedy plate” has the function of reducing boredom as well as the undesirable behaviors associated with boredom. No more trying to quickly hide your socks when you take them out of the dryer! Your pet will probably no longer be interested in them when she's licking her delicious Frozen Goat yogurt from her mandala tray.

Wait, you don’t know about Frozen Goat frozen dog yogurt? We have no choice but to open another little parenthesis to present it to you. This is THE frozen yogurt to have to spoil your dog! This raw goat's milk yogurt is cold fermented and naturally full of probiotics which are great for your pup's intestinal health! This dog treat is made with raw goat's milk yogurt, fruit puree and agar-agar for a 100% natural, thick and creamy treat. Tell yourself that, for your dog, Frozen Goat frozen yogurt is like a good big strawberry ice cream from the creamery on Île d'Orléans for you.

Here are our flavors available at our store:

- Strawberry, blueberry and blackberry

- Pumpkin and cinnamon

- Banana and coconut -

We swear that with this, you will have peace, for 15 to 20 minutes at least!

The classic Kong

It is THE absolute reference in dog toys. This toy offers your pet a real challenge while meeting its innate need to play. As mentioned above, a bored dog can quickly become destructive. You don't want to have to watch every coming and going of your dining room chair legs in your pup's mouth. The classic Kong is the toy that everyone is talking about and that dogs love! You can insert treats of all kinds or even our famous “Peanut Buddy”.

Our Peanut Buddy is made with all-natural peanut and pumpkin butter. This tasty treat contains no preservatives or xylitol. Just perfect to insert into the Kong and you can try it on your toast on Monday morning before going to work, you're going to freak out!

The “West Paw”

Is your dog serving as an excuse for your friend not to do the dishes since he's always in trouble? Do not worry ! The “West Paw” will save your life. A bit in the same style as the Classic Kong, this interactive toy allows you to insert treats of all kinds and keep the beast occupied for a long time. This toy also floats! You can go swimming in your beautiful above-ground pool with your dog while your boyfriend takes care of the dishes! He will no longer have an excuse, since the dog will be busy with his "West Paw" on the water's edge with you. You can insert fruits, vegetables, raw or even frozen for even more pleasure!

The multi-puzzle

Your dog finds your stimulation games so far too easy and passes them all with flying colors in 3.33 seconds. You can no longer relax on your couch watching Outer Banks with your bag of chips without worrying about what the beast is cooking in the next room? No problem ! This is our toughest dog toy. This puzzle requires your dog to complete a series of steps in the correct order to continue discovering more hidden treats. We reduce the dog's boredom and provide superb mental enrichment. For this puzzle, simply place your dog's favorite treats under the sliders in the outer tray and in the center treat compartments. Your dog will be kept busy for a long time.

CBD oil

We would like to end this blog on one of our products which we can no longer do without for our animals. CBD oil is one of our favorite products. Do you know that destructive behavior can not only be a sign of boredom, but also sometimes a sign of anxiety in your dog? Not only can CBD oil help reduce anxiety, but it can also help with cancer, seizures, epilepsy, pain, cardiovascular health, arthritis, and many more. It stimulates the receptors that act on relaxation and gives the dog a feeling of relaxation while reducing pain without providing intoxicating effects. This oil does not contain THC. It has no toxic properties and can be absolutely beneficial for the health of your dog. CBD oil is available on our website and in store in several formats: 150MG, 300MG, 600MG and 1200MG. Note that your dog will not find himself with his four irons in the air hallucinating Big Macs everywhere.

In short, we end all this by reminding you that mental stimulation is more than important for the well-being of your furry friend. Dogs need to move, run and play and we place too much emphasis on the dog's physical training and not enough on their mental training. Walking and running still remains essential, but we must adapt our daily routine to incorporate a little mental stimulation to have a well-adjusted and balanced dog.

We invite you to visit our website or our store located in Place la Cité to discover even more stimulating toys for your dog!