Summer is just around the corner and so are the hot days. Despite their high tolerance, dogs cannot regulate their temperature like humans. In fact, they dissipate heat through their pads as well as through panting. However, this is not enough to dissipate heat during heatwaves. For this reason, it is important to always check whether your dog can tolerate the temperature and whether he is at risk of heat stroke.

We present to you some products that will help your dog get through particularly hot days.

The refreshing jacket

To lower your dog's temperature and keep him comfortable outside, the cooling jacket is the most essential accessory this summer.

All you have to do is wet the jacket in cold water and your dog will be protected from heatstroke. The lightweight fabric uses an evaporative cooling process to lower your dog's temperature. It is even more suitable for small or large dogs, with long or short hair.

The anti-UV sweater 

Can a dog get sunburned? Unfortunately yes. Particularly on the lips, nose, ears and abdomen. A dog with short or recently stretched hair is also at risk. The anti-UV sweater protects your dog's skin against ultraviolet rays of 40+. The fabric can also be soaked in water, dries quickly and can cool your dog effectively.

Sunscreen is also a product to consider when you plan to spend the day in the sun. The top of your dog's head, ears and nose are at risk for sunburn. However, you must be careful to only use a product recommended for canine skin type.

The refreshing scarf

There are also accessories like the cooling scarf which allows you to quickly regulate the temperature at your dog's neck. For those who have breathing problems, or who don't like clothes, this little fashion accessory can be easily put on while being practical.


What's better than refreshing yourself and having fun at the same time? Several toys are available to quench your dog's thirst. Unlike ice cubes which are often too cold for your dog's body system, freezer toys are a good alternative to lowering his temperature. In addition, these toys allow your companion to entertain him and play in the water.

Refreshing mat

Your dog wants to rest, but the ground is hot and he can't find a spot of shade? The kitchen tiles aren't cold enough for him? The cooling mat is a good alternative to its cushion, both outside and inside the house. Some mats are filled with a non-toxic gel that does not require cooling first. These beds are light and easy to transport.

Paw balm

As practical in winter as in summer, the balm helps moisturize your dog's paws and protect them when you walk on hot asphalt. It is important to always check if the surface your dog is walking on is not too hot. Place your hand on the ground for 10 seconds. If you can't stand it, it's best to postpone your walk. If you can tolerate it longer, take short walks of 10 to 15 minutes.

Tips and tricks

Opt for walks at ideal times. Morning and evening are best to ensure you have moderate temperatures. The air and ground are cool, so your dog is less likely to get injured and get heat stroke. If you want to spend your afternoon in the courtyard, install a small children's pool or water games. The whole family will have fun and your dog will be able to exercise while having access to a water point.

Here is a recipe for making homemade frozen treats. All you have to do is put the mixture in a mold and put it in your freezer. The recipe's suggestions are ¾ watermelon, ¼ mango, ¾ water. Mix well and you have a dog popsicle!

And finally, it is essential to always leave a bowl of water available for your dog at all times. When you're going for a walk or hike and you're not sure if your dog will have access to water, bring him a bottle or collapsible bowl.

Enjoy warm days at the beach, park or in your garden and let your dog have fun without worrying about the sun.

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