There are plenty of dog treats on the market. These rewards are an essential tool in the education and nutritional health of our canine friends. But how to navigate and choose the best one for your dog?

dog treat

Why avoid table food?


Treats also help maintain your dog's good health. On the one hand, they give you better control over your dog's diet. Excess weight is a particularly common problem in dogs that can lead to more serious complications such as heart disease, osteoarthritis, diabetes, herniated discs and many others.

By opting for a treat to reward your dog, you can limit the number given per day and know precisely the calorific intake. On the other hand, treats are a simple and affordable solution to improving your dog's dental health.

Positive reinforcement

Indeed, treats create positive reinforcement during learning. Your dog will associate a desired action, including sitting, pawing, or lying down, with getting a reward. His perception of the command will then be positive and your dog will be able to assimilate it more easily.

Which treat to choose?

The vastness of the treats offered nevertheless makes the decision complex. It can sometimes be difficult or intimidating to choose the right kind for your four-legged friend. To make an informed decision, simply identify your dog's needs. Some treats are specially designed for dogs with sensitive skin, diabetes or allergies. It is also essential to choose a shape and size of kibble that suits your dog. Here is a selection of products according to their characteristics:

  • Treats for special dogs
  • Superfoods have several beneficial properties for dogs. They are 100% natural, hypoallergenic and very rich in antioxidants. Nose for Running products help prevent health problems such as arthritis, immune system weaknesses, cancer and heart disease. These treats are also carefully handmade in Quebec. Supplements are also an option to consider to strengthen your dog's health. Pattes Vertes offers treats made from Moringa enriched with omega-3 and proteins made in Quebec. Our favorite social team!


  • Textured treats
  • There is a set of fun and stimulating treats. These also have the advantage of effectively cleaning your dog's teeth. Petit Muso 's tough treats are made with a single ingredient, either pork heart or liver. You can also offer your four-legged friend a more fun snack with Northern poutine. Crunchy'os, interesting treats, have a unique and fun crunchy texture. Furthermore, soft-textured treats are perfect for dogs with fragile teeth. Crumps' naturals Dehydrated Beef Liver is natural, one ingredient.

    In addition, the use of this treat for training puppies is recommended since it is very malleable. To make training easier, use the treat pouch bag which allows you to carry several kibbles as well as your companion's accessories.


    To find the ideal treat for your dog, you need to experiment and observe your dog's reaction. It is also recommended to vary the type of kibble. Finally, remember to favor treats with a short and natural list of ingredients to promote the health of your dog.