It is often said that the dog is man's best friend. In most cases, the pet eventually becomes another member of the family. For example, when the holidays come around, many people consider bringing their pets along instead of leaving them at home. In the past it was more difficult to do this, but today there are many options and places prepared for this. Travelling with your dog in the car requires some preparation.

Bringing an animal in a car for hundreds of kilometres and several hours is quite complex. However, the most important aspect before embarking on the adventure is safety, both for people and the animal itself. That's why we're going to review a series of important tips to make the trip safe and enjoyable so that you can reach your final destination and enjoy your well-deserved vacation with your faithful companion.

Maintain consistency

You should try to avoid the usual change of diet during the trip so as not to cause indigestion and gastrointestinal upset. You may not find the same kind of food you normally give your dog where you are going. It is therefore recommended that you bring with you the necessary portions for the entire trip.

When you travel by car with your pet

In the car, you should take safety precautions depending on the type of dog travelling with you. Dogs are not allowed to walk around freely in the car. It is therefore advisable to use a dog safety belt that attaches to his harness or a net or separation grid to prevent the animal from jumping on you and causing an accident. We recommend the belly plate harness including the seat belt attachment. There are many ways to protect your pet during the trip. For small pets, you can even use the travelling bag of your dog. In short, whatever the choice, make sure the dog is protected in case of braking.

Toys travel with you too

So that your dog doesn't miss his home, it is advisable to bring him some of his toys and his favorite treats. It will be easier for him to adapt to new environments and help you keep him occupied during the trip.

During the trip

Start with the premise that a long car trip won't be relaxing for your dog. The conditions must therefore be the most advantageous for the animal. Ventilation is very important, especially in summer, as high temperatures could have a negative impact on your pet. This doesn't mean that you should allow him to keep his head outside the window for the entire trip, but rather that you should use the air conditioning system, especially if your pet is in the trunk.

Also, movement in the car will affect him. It is therefore recommended that driving be calm and fluid. Sudden movements will only make your pet more nervous and he won't have a good time. It is also not advisable to put the music very high, do not forget that your pet's hearing is much more developed than yours. In some cars, you can direct the sound only to the front seats and leave the rear seats quieter. We also recommend that you give him a natural product to calm him down before you leave. This will allow your dog to better tolerate transportation.


When travelling with a dog, it is not advisable to make long trips without stopping. For the handler, this is not recommended either, so you should apply the principle of stopping every two hours to rest a little and stretch your legs. The animal will appreciate this and will have the opportunity to relieve itself and free itself a little. Also, don't forget to bring your pet's retractable bowl so that your dog can hydrate.

Never leave him alone in the car

Last but not least, never leave your companion alone in the car. During the summer months, the interior of a vehicle can easily reach high temperatures that can affect your pet's health in a very short time.

In short, travelling with a companion will help strengthen the bond you have with your pet, but remember to always take the necessary precautions to have a memorable vacation.