We invite you to dive into the world of Chien Mondain, where Annick Marchand, the owner, shares her story through an interview conducted by Place de la Cité!

When the dream becomes reality

A lifelong dog lover, Annick tells us how her passion for these little furry beings gave a new direction to her career.

How did you become an entrepreneur?

“It’s just a coincidence!” » Annick tells us that after working for around fifteen years in the field of communications and marketing, she had a little midlife crisis and that's how her idea came to her. “I've always loved dogs, so I thought: why not a business where people could shop with their dog? » Quickly, she implemented her concept, to the delight of canines, and humans too!

Proud to stand out from the crowd

During our conversation with Annick, we easily guess that it is a real pleasure for her to be around dogs as part of her work. Talkative and bubbly, she tells us one after another the funny anecdotes of her journey.

What sets you apart?

It's well known that being able to shop with your dog is a fairly unique concept. But Chien Mondain is much more than that. “We have fitting tables, we have a daycare, we offer a grooming service,” explains the visionary entrepreneur. The advisors can even guide the owner in choosing the best cut for their animal. And through all these services, Annick and her team get to know the owners and the life of their dog. “There are great love stories with our customers at Chien Mondain, it’s really special. »

The attention paid to the customer and his faithful companion is not the only trademark of Chien Mondain. For Annick, what sets her store apart is the care with which each product on sale is selected. She explains that the offering may be smaller than at other pet stores, but each item is carefully selected and even tested by her and the team members. The result? “Customers therefore know that our products are all already approved,” which allows them to have confidence in Chien Mondain, she says with pride.

What still keeps you passionate?

According to her, there is nothing more motivating than recognition. “All the positive comments from customers tell me that we are in the right place and that we have a good niche,” she confides, touched and proud. And of course, sharing her love of dogs with customers just as passionate as she is is the best part of her job. “Some people come by every day, just to pet the dogs. It's like their little daily dose of happiness! “, she confides, smiling. And Annick is right: it's impossible not to be in a good mood when seeing these little balls of love!

Knowing how to follow your instinct

What is the biggest challenge you have encountered?

The beautiful story of Chien Mondain was not, however, without pitfalls and Annick had to overcome doubts and criticism at the beginning. “When I arrived on the market, what I found the hardest was people's fear of being judged by others because they chose to put something very fashionable on their dog. »

She tells us that she has had to explain herself a million times to people who didn't understand the reason for dressing a dog. To the skeptics, she simply responds: “I think that investing in a living being and taking care of it, because it is a life companion that brings us so much, is worth just as much and if not more than investing in everything which is material in our life.

The persevering entrepreneur says that fortunately, 8 years after launching her business, the market has developed, people have become accustomed to it and it is much more accepted today to accessorize dogs. And change is part of everyday life for Annick, who ensures that her dog clothes follow the latest trends and that she always best meets her customers' expectations. Given the success that Annick and her store are experiencing, we can say that she had flair to launch her concept which features humans' best friend.

Collaborator: Julie Blondin

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