The holiday season is an opportunity to share beautiful moments with loved ones. It is also a time to relax and spend more time with our faithful canine companions who, throughout the year, have given us so much.

Knowing that our presence is the best gift we can give to our dog, the social team has concocted some ideas so that you share good times together and can show him that he is an invaluable source of happiness in your daily life. .

To take a walk
What's better than having no schedule and being able to take the time to take a long walk with your dog. Taking advantage of winter will be beneficial for both you and your furry companion. On the other hand, your dog may quickly get cold due to our winter conditions. Time to remedy the situation by putting a winter coat and boots under the tree. For dogs who do not tolerate boots, we recommend applying a balm to their cushions before your outings. The balm is an excellent alternative to extend your outings while protecting your dog's paws from the cold, snow and de-icing salts.

Walks are also a great time to positively reinforce your dog's good behaviors with treats . You will have better control, your communication will be better, and your dog will be more likely to repeat the behaviors you like.

Take a nap on the way back
When you return, it is very likely that your dog will want to rest. He will be more than happy to find a comfortable bed in which he can warm up. Hot chocolate in hand, you can admire him dozing.

Prepare for the arrival of guests
When he wakes up, present him with a new toy . He will definitely be interested in something new and you can use it to stimulate him intellectually and expend more of his energy before your guests arrive.

Christmas is also a good time to give your dog a new collar . For the most flirtatious, we guarantee that our Christmas dresses will not leave your guests indifferent.

Finally, when everyone goes to put on their best pajamas, it will be time to surprise everyone by also putting your dog in Christmas pajamas.

The social team hopes you enjoy their advice for your days off and wishes you and your faithful companions a very happy holiday season . We would like to thank you for trusting us with your furry friends, whether to dress them, feed them, groom them or look after them. It’s a chance to share your daily life year after year.